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There are far too few instances in the typical day to day where something utterly incredible occurs and you, for some unknown reason, decided to bring a camera. Maybe you're the lucky owner of a smartphone and are quicker on the draw when it comes to snapping the crazy delights about town.

Like this intrepid photographer, found driving around town and minding their own business on a particularly foggy day. When, suddenly, a wild Pyramid Head cosplayer appears on a street corner!

Pyramid Head In His Natural Habitat

Redditor number784 was lucky enough to spot this genius cosplayer taking full advantage of a town struck by heavy fog. How long had the cosplayer been there? Were they waiting patiently by a window glazed with condensation, waiting for the right weather to roll in? "Soon, my love. Soon we shall venture out into the misty grey and perturb the children", said the cosplayer as they lovingly stroked the pyramid helmet.

(via Reddit)

There's nothing better than freaky guerilla cosplayers, getting into character amidst the day to day hubbub of the town. And, naturally, there are great examples of some exemplary work online, just like these...

The Wisconsin Yeti

A anonymous woman has been wandering the streets of Allouez, Wisconsin dressed as Bumble, the abominable snow monster from Rudolph The Red Nosed Raindeer, with her poodle Blizzard in tow, spreading the message of love and happiness. I dunno about you, but I'd freak out if I saw this skulking around my town!

(via WLUK-TV FOX 11's YouTube)

Frugal Wampa

This Wampa has been spotted doing a spot of early Christmas shopping, because I'm guessing Santa doesn't get round to Hoth very often. Or maybe Wampas are on the blacklist for attempting to eat future Jedi legends...

Check out the video after the jump.

The Northampton Clown Redeems Frequent Flyer Miles

He gets around does the Northampton Clown. Well, I guess he does...unless he has some kind of creepy clown guild that enjoy getting their freak on in random spots around the world. Or traverses the world via its sewer systems...

This creepy clown was seen loitering in Staten Island, New York.

I woulda straight up run him over. "Not AGAIN, Clown. STOP RUINING MY SLEEP!"

A photo posted by Vin (@realvinnocente) on

On The Road With Slenderman


This is amazing! Though I can't help but feel sorry for the incoming driver. Slenderman is better suited for stalking weary victims in woods, but if I saw him coming at me on a busy evening in town, I'd still run a very swift mile!

(via The_Bhuda_Palm's imgur)

Creepy, freaky and downright badass, these guys truly know how to put on a show in public. This really makes me want to finally get my hands on a symbiotic Spider-Man outfit and spring around the city. One day, my love. One day.


Which was your favorite guerilla cosplay?


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