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Video game characters have families too, and, just like antiquated aristocratic families, they need lavish portraits of them to remind generations down the line of their storied historical lineage.

Luckily, that spot above the virtual fireplace won't be empty for long, thanks to the immensely talented artist Andry Rajoelina, who's drawn some stunning tributes to all your favorite video game domestic units. Check these out:

The Bandicoots - Crash Bandicoot

With a spring in his step, Crash looks like he's off to his first day of school. I'd love to see the looks on the other parents' faces when Aku Aku floats in to his first parent-teacher conference!

The Kongs - Donkey Kong

Diddy, Dixie and Donkey Kong make up one intimidating family!

Brothers in Thievery - Uncharted

This is a touching homage to Sully's parent-like role in the treasure-hunting duo.

The Last Family - The Last of Us

This portrait is a whole lot less bleak than the game itself. I love Ellie's cute basket of mushrooms - a clever ode to the viral fungus infection that ravages fictional America.

A Family of Warriors - Street Fighter

Little did Gouken know, as soon as he let go of their hands, the rival brothers would viciously go for each other.

The Waka Wakas - Pac Man

The Pac Man family - a symbol of domestic bliss!

The Hyrule Family - The Legend of Zelda

Man, I want one of those awesome Zelda backpacks!


Which video game portrait would you hang over the fireplace?


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