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Paul Wesley has confirmed that we should psyche ourselves up for a major character death on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) tonight, but who do you think will be biting the dust?

Paul Wesley spoke out to E! Online about the upcoming tragedy and he hinted that the fatality this evening will be a real heartbreaker. The actor who plays Stefan Salvatore explained that:

Dude, there's always deaths, there is a big one coming up, I will say that, there is a big one that's really going to break the people's hearts

But, who could be in the firing line this evening? Let's have a look at the characters who seem the most at risk and try to figure out who could be biting the dust before Christmas.

First, let's examine the official synopsis for the episode named 'Christmas in Your Eyes' below and see if we can glean any clues from it:

With the holidays approaching, Bonnie attempts to replicate her favorite traditions, while reminiscing about happier times with her friends. Not able to return home to Mystic Falls for her favorite time of the year, Caroline is surprised when Sheriff Forbes brings the holidays to her at Whitmore College. Meanwhile, after discovering that Jo has gone missing, Alaric turns to Damon and Elena for help, while Liv and Luke find themselves at odds when Tyler approaches them with a risky plan. Elsewhere, Jeremy helps Matt carry out a plan to take down Enzo but grows concerned when Matt takes things too far. Lastly, Stefan is forced to break some devastating news to Caroline

Now, let's examine the characters who could be at risk:


After Tyler was threatened by Kai last episode, it's obvious that the "risky plan" he will face alongside the twins in this episode will revolve around the psychotic witch who recently escaped 1994.

We have seen how powerful Kai is, and if Tyler dares to stand in his way, he could easily be slaughtered.

This death would certainly be one to 'break people's hearts.' Tyler is a much beloved character and him dying before his lover's eyes while trying to save her would be absolutely devastating.


Luke is also highly under threat from Tyler's 'risky plan.'

I've previously speculated that Tyler might try and kill him in a last ditch attempt to save Liv, but it is equally possible that he might get stuck in the crossfire while Tyler tries to help rescue both of the twins from Kai.


Liv is also wrapped up in the same potential crisis as Tyler and Luke.

Kai is baying for one of the twins' blood, but on initial examination, Liv seems to be the safer of the two because Tyler is so desperate to protect her.

We all know Kai is a malicious bastard though, and he might kill Liv because he knows it will cause an immense amount of pain to the man who is conspiring against him.


Could Matt's hunt for Enzo lead to his death? As one of the only humans, Matt is extremely vulnerable, so this isn't out of the realm of possibility. The synopsis also hints that he 'takes things too far.'

Matt's character has really been lacking direction this season, and he has been flagged as the next person to die many times before, but has always escaped his fate. Will he be so lucky this time?


Who do you think will die in The Vampire Diaries tonight?

(Source: E! Online)

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