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Now, The Joker is by nature a pretty magnificently creepy dude - and, on screen, that effect is usually magnified. After all, that's a big part of why we all love Heath Ledger's performance as the villain in The Dark Knight so much - he makes him truly terrifying.

Sometimes, though, The Joker can surprise even the most jaded of Bat-fans by being...just that little bit extra creepy. And, when he does so in an awesome piece of fan art - that just so happens to also be a mock-up of how the newly-cast Jared Leto will look in the part in the recently-announced Suicide Squad - I'm down like a (criminally insane) clown.

And, cue DeviantArt's CAMW1N's awesome new Joker fan art...

Which, quite frankly, is disconcerting as hell...

I mean, it's also AWESOME, but still - I'm going to be seeing that face when I go to sleep tonight...

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the creepy Jared Leto/Joker fan art?

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