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"Now, with all the hubbub surrounding the recent hacking of Sony, and the subsequent leaking of just about all the information anyone could ever want to know about their movies, we've learned a lot - and, specifically, a lot about their thoughts about the Spider-Man franchise.

Not only, as it turns out, has Sony been in talks with Marvel about having Spidey join the MCU, but they've also reportedly been talking with Sam Raimi about him returning to direct another installment.

The strangest news, though, surely has to be that...

Sony Is Apparently Planning an Animated Comedy Spider-Man Movie

"Wait, what?"
"Wait, what?"

Yup, that's right - leaked documents have revealed that Sony is seriously considering the possibility of bringing Spider-Man back to the big screen in an animated comedy movie. Produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the guys behind the awesome The Lego Movie.

Which, even though it would presumably run alongside the live action films (and maybe even feature Andrew Garfield as the voice of Spidey), would still be...kind of weird.

I mean, I love Spider-Man. And I love animated comedies. And, heck, I love Chris Miller and Phil Lord. But all three together?

That could be a little too much for my brain to handle.

What do you guys think, though?


Would you be up for an animated Spider-Man comedy movie?



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