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INVERT-Origin Of The Telepathic Hero is a sci-fi action super hero film like no other. It takes you on a unexpected yet action packed roller-coaster ride, while revealing characters that you will love and hate. This is not a typical superhero film; this film follows the story of a neural scientist who gains super human abilities when his life’s work explodes during his first test on a human subject.

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My name is Joseph Mbah my goal is to provide the world with stories that have never been told before in a unique and twisted way that will entertain, frighten, and motivate people. I am originally from Nigeria but I have been in the United States for 11 years I am currently 24 years old. I have six years of experience producing and Directing Films, TV Series, Music videos, commercials, and Short films. My inspirations’ are Christopher Nolan Director of Dark Night, because I love the way his films take you on a roller coaster ride, and Alfred hitch cock because he was simply a genius ahead of his time that did things that was at his time labeled as impossible, and that is what I bring to the table, films that are labeled impossible to achieve for different reasons, and films that takes you on a roller coaster ride. I am a geek who loves super heroes, and although I am an adult I will never stop watching super hero cartoons, films, and I will never stop making them.

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The Campaign

This film is important to me because it is simply dear to my heart. What I mean by that is that the film is a passion project. It is not a project I want to do for money or any other reason. I love super heroes, and I want to shear my love of super heroes with the world, but show it through my eyes. I was told to make horror films and comedy because it "Sells" but that's not the point for me I want to do what is important, passionate, and fun for I and my team and entertaining to the audience. Making a film like this on an independent level and making it look great is a task labeled as impossible. We disagree and we will prove it by making this film a reality. We have already made steps that are proving the generally excepted belief wrong. For example, we have gained the interest of a distribution company who simply believe in I and my team and what we are aiming to accomplish. They were kind enough to offer us a letter of interest to be included in our campaign.

The End Goal

My end goal is not to make just one film but to instead make multiple films. As a super hero fan I love when there is a team of heroes fighting bad guys as supposed to just one hero. I knew that my end result is to form a league of heroes. The next step was to define who those heroes are, and then build each hero into their own films and sequels, and then after all their films are made I would introduce the super hero team in their own film. The next step was to decide how to make these characters inter connected to one another, and the way I did so was to approach it with my love of the state of Arizona. I love Arizona and I believe that it is a wonderful state that is over looked in terms of film production so I opted to create different heroes based in the state of Arizona and have their stories inter connected. For example the first film is Invert, in the story line of invert when invert discovers his powers and starts his journey as a hero, he needs a suite that can withstand bullets, so his best friend contacted a man by the name of Zee who designs and builds inverts suite which is made out oft of Nano technology. Then in the next film which is titles ZEE Rise of the Nanite Hero, you will then discover that the same guy who created invert’s costume is the main character of the film. The stores evolve and interconnect in that manner, and within each story lies a smaller but very important character who will in the next film become a good guy or the next villain, my goal is to take people on a plot roller coaster ride.

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