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well if you are into dc you should know about the resent announcement about the new flash movie coming out in 2018 now that's all well and good but when i heard they had cast some other actor to play the flash who isn't grant i was furious even fellow dc actor star of arrow came out to say how he was in great disappointment on the matter. me personally the flash is my all time favorite charitor but to see him be portrayed by someone who is not grant if bad news for me because i have just gotten to love his version of the flash.

now i am also such a huge fan of arrow, arrow has be done so well over the last couple of years the cast the script etc but i also think they could make a very good brave and the bold with arrow and flash. i know they have just made a TV version of that which was great but imagine that so much better theirs no doubt in my mind that they could make an incredible movie.

i do watch Constantine but i would no be over joyed to watch it now i would pay money to go see it in the movies but thats not going to happen any time soon. the show is self has been lacking in view and has been canceled now this annoyed me because they never even gave it a chance, all they needed to do was give the show more publicity and the view would come crawling in TRUST ME.

and finally theirs Gotham im not going to say much about Gotham except i love it the way it is no need to change it in my opinion


what would u like to become a movie


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