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Now, back in the day - before his official announcement as Aquaman - Jason Momoa was pretty darned cagey about whether or not he had been cast as the aquatic superhero. Pretty much everyone knew he was set to play the Atlantean king, and he was more than willing to tease that he knew it too - but he would also, periodically, pretty much outright deny it.

And, yet, here we are, and Momoa is very much set to play the hero after all and, at the recent Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil, he even addressed his previous reticence - and a whole lot more. Thankfully, Twitter's DCU Movie Page was there to live tweet it.

Including the revelations that...

Momoa Has Signed a Four Picture Deal

Which, if his expected small role in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice counts, makes a whole lot of sense - with his solo movie and two Justice League films finishing up the contract.

If it doesn't, though - could we possibly be seeing Aquaman in another movie, too?

Momoa Signed on for Aquaman Way Before He Was Announced

Which...well, which we pretty much already figured. Still, it's nice to hear the actor owns up to his (often hilarious) trolling of us all.

Momoa Would Have Been up for Playing Another Hero

Which, in fact, I seem to remember him saying so before, back in those same trolling days. So, at least he would have liked to have played the anti-hero, Lobo fans...

Momoa Wants Zack Snyder to Direct Aquaman

Which, presumably, suggests his role in Batman vs. Superman may be slightly larger than previously thought...

Momoa Knows Aquaman'll be a Bad-ass

I mean...yeah. Clearly he's also seen himself in Game of Thrones. Or, y'know, the mirror.

And, of course...

Momoa Doesn't Really Get Why It's Batman vs. Superman actually a legitimate point - but presumably also the entire ending of the movie...

All in all, though? This mostly just makes me like Momoa even more...

What do you guys think, though?


Excited for Momoa to play Aquaman?


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