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Warning: Full spoilers to follow!

A mouth full of expletives was all that I was able to muster at the end of "The Climb", this years mid-season finale of Arrow. If you have been keeping up with the show from it's inception then you know that each season comes with some unique twist and those twists keep getting more intense. In season 1 we had Malcolm Merlin being revealed to be the Dark Archer and Tommy Merlin dying (along with the whole plot to destroy the Glades). In season 2 we saw Roy infected with Mirakuru, the reveal that Malcolm is Thea's father, and the tragic death of Moira Queen. Well, season 3 is less than half way done (only 9 episodes of ~23) and we have already had two INCREDIBLE plot twists. The first was the death of Sara Lance––a.k.a. Canary-–in the first episode of this season (one hell of a start to the season). The second, and most intense twist/cliffhanger, of this season and the entire series came at the end of "The Climb" with the duel between Ra's al Ghul and Oliver and the death of The Arrow.

Now let's back up a little bit and get some perspective on who Ra's al Ghul is. Most people today know of him because of Liam Neeson's character in Batman Begins. While Liam Neeson was terrific in that movie, the portrayal of Ra's al Ghul was far from who he is in the comics. If you have not read the comics, I strongly suggest you go pick up some and get started immediately; "Batman: Birth of the Demon" is one of the best graphic novels that reveals the secrets to Ra's immortality and the extent of his bloodthirstiness. Briefly, Ra's has lived for many centuries, is the leader of the League of Assassin's, and truly believes he is working for the good of humanity by playing judge, jury, and executioner. Given who Ra's really is, I personally think that Matt Nable's portrayal of him is much more accurate than that from the Nolan trilogy.

We finally got a lot of screen time for Ra's and an amazing duel between him and Oliver. We all know that the Arrow has some pretty awesome fighting skills, but how do you challenge someone who has been training for ~600 years?! I will admit that I was expecting Oliver to lose the fight, but was not expecting him to get stabbed through the chest and kicked off a cliff!! Obviously he has to come back somehow (no comic book character really stays dead, right?), but how do you think they will bring him back? Will Nyssa and/or Maseo take Oliver's body to a Lazarus pit to revive him? Did Oliver have some sort of contingency lined up for this? Will Malcolm help some how (after all he did say he had died and come back before)? Unfortunately we have to wait until January freaking 21 to get some answers!


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