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Everyone by now wether or not they're a comic book fan or not knows what the marvel civil war is its in the top 5 of all marvel events. When the announcement was made every geek on the planet was happy they werev lucky enough to see the day that captain America and iron man can be the living sh*t out of each other. But eventually we all realized that the comic one had hundreds of heroes and dozens of villains and yet the cinematic universe only has barely a dozen heroes and 2 or 3 villains still alive cause for some reason they keep getting killed off anyway most asked is it too soon? A month or 2 ago I would have said yes for multiple reason

  • No Spider-Man : basically it's the story of which side he'll pick throughout the story he's on both sides conflicted acting as the readers some of us would agree with stark others Rogers so without a character too see it from that point of view will it be as effective or as popular as the comics.

Not enough heroes: this effects the entire superhuman community but how will that play out with only a dozen or so heroes and if you take out thor and hulk there's about 10 how can you call that a war that's more like a skirmish .also iron man had used villains in his fight against captain America and his men. The few villains the marvel universe left alive were the abomination and loki, and crossbones. With crossbones brutally scarred and loki king if asgard and thought dead the chances of them joining the fight is slim too none.

  • There's one final factor too consider the illuminati most of which Sided with iron man but strange isn't there yet nor blackbolt or Namor or mister fantastic or yellow jacket

Luckily things are different thank god for agents of shield with that in the picture and the released Sony emails and upcoming movies thing could be significantly different now

  • Agents of shield has become a way for marvel to introduce heroes and villains not seen in the cinematic universe for example absorbing man,quake, Mr.Hyde, and the blind man some of the many characters introduced through the show into the marvel universe that can be implemented and by the time the war starts who knows how many new characters in the war we'll have.
  • The Sony talks seems too make it appear that Spider-Man will be joining the avengers really soon applying that multiple perspective view that he had in the comics and even if he's not in it rumors have it black panther may fill that role and even though I'm partial to webs I have a feeling that it is an extremely cool idea and the movie will be amazing.
  • ITS DEFINITELY NOT TOO SOON : it simply comes down too how many movies are in your contract and Chris Evans time as captain America is coming too and end and he won't be renewing his contract meaning it was now or never for the civil war.

Now I mentioned new heroes right? Well the rumor is that captain America will have a new team of avengers at the end of age of Ultron most likely his side of war. I'm guessing that it'll consist of these heroes and why.

  • [Black Widow](movie:1070824): for multiple reasons but mainly black widow has grown attached too the captain claiming he made her a better person. She might have even fallen for him
  • Hawkeye: he's a soldier he believes in order and resents chaos but he also likes too have all the facts and be able too trust his boss and teammates which isn't exactly what stark will be known for. Plus the fact he has a thing for widow alongside every dude in America possibly the world.
  • Scarlet Witch: she's a being of chaos and destruction who doesn't easily trust anyone but her brother but as their relationship grows she'll begin too realize that captain America is one of the few people who cares about what happens too her as a person and not a weapon.
  • Falcon: falcon is the captain's bestfreind and would follow him willingly to the end of the earth.
  • Winter soldier: hopefully by this time Bucky has been found and wants too fight the good fight and knowing shield helped control him he won't team up with its new director also he will want too rekindle his relationship with captain America after 60 years

That's captain America's team as far as i know but I can't show favoritism so here's iron man's team

  • War machine: he's been Starks freind for years and it wouldn't be right too separate them plus he already works for a military group simply trading the army for a new shield
  • Vision: yes I know what you're thinking wouldn't he join cap. Because of Wanda and captain America is the pinochle of what he wants too become? All true but he's not joining stark willingly he's been reprogrammed probably from damage done during Ultron.
  • Quake: already an agent of shield under coulson a change of director won't be difficult for her
  • Quicksilver: you'd think he'd stick with his sister but not the case he probably realizes that their untrusting nature and inability too know who too trust is what led them to be under Ultron control but stark is a well known and was once trusted part of the world and quicksilver could possibly want too learn from that.
  • The villains: if they stick to the comics then villains will fight for stark and the ones we currently have are crossbones,abomination,Mr.Hyde, absorbing man but surely more will come to fill the roster

This was fun and I hope you liked it tell me what you want me to do next and I post a new one every Thursday thx


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