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So, after THAT Arrow midseason finale, it felt like we could probably all use the chances to revisit a moment from happier, less emotional despair inducing times.

Specifically, that whole sequence back in the Arrow/The Flash crossover episode, in which the two heroes pummeled the hell out of each other for almost five minutes.

Which, while violent, and kind of grim, was a heckuva lot less likely to cause single, solitary tears to fall down any of our faces than the aforementioned finale.

So, take another look at the awesome fight scene in the video below, and then keep right on going to answer the million dollar question...

That big question?

Who do you think should have won?

I mean, a tie's great and all, but sometime someone just has to win. So, will it be...



The Flash

The answer? Well, that's totally up to you - though, for what it's worth, I bet The Flash running on all cylinders could kick Arrow's ass before he even knew he was in a fight.

My two cents, though, doesn't matter all that much. What does, though, is this...

What do you guys think?


Who should've won?


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