ByRob Harris, writer at
Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Fancy yourself as a video game expert? Well I have a test that will sort the casual Candy Crush players from the hardcore super-fans!

Have a look at these silhouettes of well known video game characters and see if you can guess them all. Post your guesses in the comments.

Only the most die-hard gamers will get all 10!

Click Below to reveal the answers:

1. Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid 2. Clank - Ratchet and Clank 3. Buzz - Buzz! 4. Spike - Ape Escape 5. Parappa - PaRappa the Rapper 6. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII 7. Spyro - Spyro the Dragon 8. Nathan Drake - Uncharted 9. Cole - InFamous 10. Ripper Roo - Crash Bandicoot


How many did you get?


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