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No, this isn't a joke. This morning, Making Star Wars shared an interview through a friend of theirs that made me giggle. Filming for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) in the UK has been over for weeks now, but comedian Phil Jupitus recently encountered a member of the film crew. According to an interview with the BBC News, the Stormtroopers in Star Wars are so numerous that almost all of the gas-bottled air guns in England have been purchased for the production. Ha! Jupitus had this to say:

I met an effects bloke in Essex, he drinks in my local coffee shop. He said [the makers of the new film] bought every gas-bottled air gun in England when they arrived because they wanted the Stormtroopers' guns to have a kick when they fired them. You don't have to fake it; it looks real.

The real question, Jupitus, is this: can they hit their targets this time around?

Pictured: The Only Person Who Never Missed
Pictured: The Only Person Who Never Missed

(Okay, okay, so most of the time, Stormtroopers were told to avoid shooting to kill - Vader always wanted the Rebels alive - but I couldn't avoid taking that potshot at 'em.)

Jupitus was primarily giving the interview to talk about why he's avoiding the Star Wars teaser trailer, much like George Lucas himself is, though for very different reasons.

... But the films they made afterwards were so shiny, so full of big, clever, computer-generated monsters, that with each one it was really a law of diminishing returns.
I genuinely can't watch it. I've been burned too badly.

Yikes! While I've watched the trailer over and over (it's become a routine mood-lifter in the mornings) it's understandable that some fans might be nervous.

pictured: Star Wars fans right now. All of us.
pictured: Star Wars fans right now. All of us.

Regardless, knowing that the stormtroopers will be handling guns "with a kick" rather than jerking weightless prop guns around is comforting, in a sense. Like Jupitus points out, the movements aren't something you fake, and it really seems like the team before Episode VII cares about making things very real.


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