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The X-Files was a science fiction masterpiece, lasting on air for a solid run of 9 seasons, and also spawning a 1998 feature film as well as one in 2008. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson starred in the weekly investigative pursuit of the elusive truth surrounding unsolved and unexplained mysterious paranormal activity. It's a timeless series that you can, protip, catch on Netflix in its entirety. With the holidays coming up, I would recommend binging on it.

So, what happened to the cast since the show's inception in 1993? Spoiler alert, all of them somehow still look great!

Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny

Duchovny still looks pretty good - good enough that most recently he played the sex-obsessed dryly hilarious writer Hank Moody on [Californication](series:200588). The series was really good, but sadly it kind of fizzled out, getting cancelled this past season once it seemed the writers sort of started to run out of ideas for new adventures for Duchovny's character to get into.

He's working on another new TV series, though, called [Aquarius](series:1309835) which is described on IMDB as "A gritty 1960s cop drama about a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson and the Manson Family before their infamous murder spree." So basically Fox Mulder chasing down real-life horrors? I'm down.

Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson

She's aged so well! Blonde is a really good look on her. Since the X-Files, Anderson has had a role in the successful film, The Last King of Scotland, in 2006 and has stayed busy acting and directing into the 2010s. She has an Emmy and a Golden Globe to her name, as well as killing it in various BBC miniseries adaptations of Charles Dickens novels, like Bleak House and Great Expectations, but most recently can be seen in [Hannibal](series:721010) as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier.

All I know is, she's a gorgeous 46-year-old woman and I'm sure she'll continue to land awesome roles.

Walter Skinner, played by Mitch Pileggi

OK, I have to say it. This cast aged super well. Mitch Pileggi is 62 years old and somehow looks like that? Blessed. He played Ernest Darby in [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186), and has had recurring roles on shows such as Stargate Atlantis and [Dallas](series:782014). He also appeared in the film Flash of Genius in 2008.

John Doggett, played by Robert Patrick

This is starting to get ridiculous. Everybody in this cast looks good well into their older years. Patrick has had an incredibly successful career in TV and film alike - he's appeared in multiple films, mostly specializing in science fiction. I'll never forget him playing T-1000 in Terminator 2. Of course, that was before his X-Files role, and since then, he's gone on to have a strong career in TV, with supporting roles in [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186), [Scorpion](series:1232420), [True Blood](series:200767), and [From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series](series:957663).

Melvin Frohike, played by Tom Braidwood

OK, we came back down to earth a bit here. Braidwood was already a bit older than the rest of the cast, though. And the trend that doesn't change is that he managed to have a fruitful career after X-Files. Most recently, he's appeared in the first season of Whistler, as well as the 2009 movies Messages Deleted and Alien Trespass, but he's actually done more work behind the camera in the past few years than in front of it, both directing and producing.

"The Smoking Man" CGB Spender, played by William B. Davis

William B. Davis' character developed throughout the seasons, from mysterious secondary character to a legitimate adversary of Fox Mulder. Of course, he was famous for the cigarettes. Recently, Davis has done great work teaching at his own acting school, the William Davis Centre for Actors Study. He also wrote his memoir, Where There’s Smoke .... The Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.

John Fitzgerald Byers, played by Bruce Harwood

More great genes here. What else is new? Harwood took on some similar roles to his role as one of the Lone Gunmen from the show later in his career, appearing as the guest star in multiple series like [Supernatural](series:200506), [Psych](series:722519), and most recently, [The Flash](series:1068303). Also, he was a founding member of the Vancouver summer Shakespeare festival, Bard on the Beach.

Richard 'Ringo' Langly, played by Dean Haglund

Like many of the previously mentioned Lone Gunmen, Dean Haglund appeared in many sci-fi projects after X-Files. But just like Harwood, his love of culture has moved past TV: He's also a member of the advisory board of Sci-Fest, the first annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, which was held in May 2014.

Alex Krycek, played by Nicholas Lea

Besides a few grey hairs and a little more age, he still pretty much looks the same. Nicholas currently has a minor role on [Arrow](series:720988) as Mark Francis, who is Moira Queen's campaign manager. He has appeared on 3 episodes thus far.

Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish

I don't know if it's the hair styles changing or they just cast beautiful people on this show with amazing genes. However you slice it, Annabeth Gish almost manages to look better older. She and Gillian Anderson both look crazy good for any age. Let alone 43, which is how old Gish is in case you were wondering. She's had a bunch of roles... most recently, she was on [The Bridge](series:865005) and [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186).

FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh, played by James Pickens, Jr

James Pickens Jr. had more of a supporting role on X-Files, but he went on to star in the hit medical drama [Grey's Anatomy](series:200746). Yet another tale of an X-Files alum who went on to do big things. Man, this show was awesome.



Who aged the best?


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