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so far marvel has been blowing our minds with its's been 6 years since iron man came and started our current day MCU so for my second article let us revise our info we have on MCU and its future starting off.

1. main characters so far.......

iron man captain america, thor, hulk, black widow, hawkeye, nick fury, agent coulson, maria hill, guardians of the galaxy, nebula.

2.other characters so far...........

first let's count off characters we last saw in iron man

pepper potts,happy hogan,trevor slattory aka the fake mandarin,harley.


loki,jane foster,sif,darcy,heimdall,erik selvig,frandai,volstagg,hogun

captain america

winter soldier,falcon,sharon carter,brock rumlow,quicksilver,scarlet witch.

guardians of the galaxy

collector,yondu,nebula,nova prime,corpsman dey,kree ambassador.

MCU phase 3

captain america civil war

now many of us think that there are not enough characters,so let's count the people we will see in next marvel movies.

avengers age of ultron

scarlet witch,quicksilver,vision,black panther(maybe).we don't know who this mysterious lady is doing at avengers tower.people are saying suzi endo.


antman,hank pym,hope van dyne,darren cross.we don't have much information on this film.

characters who will directly appear in civil war are

red skull,union jack,black panther. some characters are rumoured so lets keep them aside.

so lets directly get to thor ragnorok as the others don't have so much connection to the MCU(for now).

marvel studios president kevin feige said that thor ragnorok will take place after the age of ultron,so when civil war is happening is happening thor will be fighting the imposter odin,loki and bring asgard to it's original state.we might see a space gem or thanos stepping into asgard for the tesseract(one of the gems) to assemble the infinity guantlet.kevin feige said this movie will totally change the MCU.


the first one smashed the box office and became the highest grossing movie of the year 2014. this movie has given us a huge insight into the infinity gautlet and the soul introduced us to many new characters.the guardians of the galaxy 2 may end up on earth.

avengers infintiy war part one and two

as it was rumoured avengers infinty war is of two parts.there will be many characters we will se in avengers 3 and 4 like captain matvel,doctor strange and the inhumans.rumours say thatt guardians will appear and join forces with the avengers.


we can't wait to see all of them.

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