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Now whether you have or have not read the book and/or watched the movie The Iceman, (which both I recommend you pick up from your local library or RedBox) you've heard of other famous murderers such as Charles Manson, a man that convinced a cult to commit mass suicide while committing many other murders, Ted Bundy, and many others.

The guy is credited for committing over a hundred murders, when i looked up quotes about him these showed up from a website called ,where I did a lot of research on this murderous bear of a man,

"Look up the phrase 'Evil Bastard' in the dictionary, and Kuklinski's picture will be there."


"I'm not sure if he qualifies for the label of serial killer, but he is noteworthy for sheer brutality and cunning. He is a completely sane man, and all the more frightening because of that."

That last one pretty much descries how I feel about him, this guy has quite a repertoire, over 150+ murders, BEFORE he was a contract killer for the mafia, and this guy was suspected to have had something to do with the disappearance of JIMMY HOFFA, that's right, THE Jimmy Hoffa, here's a list of known murders he committed (not including confessions at a later date):

  • Unspecified date in 1949:

Charley Chase (bludgeoned with a wooden dowel)

The six unnamed gang members accompanying Chase (all assaulted)

  • 1980:

January 31: George Malliband, 42 (shot repeatedly)

March 14: Peter Calabro (shot with a shotgun)

July 1981: Louis Masgay, 50 (shot in the head)

  • 1982:

April 29: Paul Hoffman, 51 (shot, then bludgeoned with a tire iron)

December 27 (found): Gary Smith, 42 (was poisoned with cyanide, then strangled with a cord by Daniel Deppner)

May 14, 1983 (found): Daniel Deppner, 46

Note: In addition to these seven victims, Kuklinski has also claimed to have killed over 200 people, including Jimmy Hoffa, in total. Whether or not this statement is credible currently remains unknown.


The stories you can find on him are crazy, but I'll start with a summary of his biography...

Born in April 11, 1935 he was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey to an abusive drunk father with an also abusive mother, with a younger and older brother, (the latter being killed by his fathers abuse) Richard Leonard Kuklinski, was the main target for abuse and bullying, after a long time of being bullied by a local gang member, he took the part of the closet that holds the hangers off and beat the local bully, until he left him alone and he realized that if you hurt people they leave you alone

The Iceman as a child
The Iceman as a child

He committed his first murder at 18, he would hustle pool (pretending to be bad at pool, then when they bet, he would show his true skill and beat them, often causing rage) and when someone said something about him, he took him out back and beat him to death with a pool cue, he cut off his fingertips and pulled teeth so he couldn't be identified and dumped him off a bridge, he felt bad, but started doing more murders, if you cut him off in traffic he'd run you off the road and kill you

The man's origin story alone scares me, but there is sooo much more to it than that (I recommend reading The Iceman, which explains it better than i can) an interview can be found here.

What's even scarier though is he had a wife and two kids. That never found out until his arrest in On December 17, 1986 and when they cuffed his wife, he raged out and it took four officers to hold him down.

He had two daughters and a son
He had two daughters and a son

When he was interviewed he said that the only murder he regretted was when he was supposed to kill a man he taped his legs together and right before he fired, the man said "Please God don't shoot me!" The Iceman paused, he put down his gun leaned to him and said, "If you think God will save you, go ahead and pray for thirty minutes and if a divine intervention doesn't happen, you're dead." Thirty minutes later, he shot and killed him...

He was also asked about his role in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and he only smiled, Richard Leonard Kuklinski was tried and arrested for murder, attempted murder, firearm violations, robbery and attempted robbery and was indicted for five murders to which he had been tied. After pleading guilty to the murders he had two consecutive life sentences, and could have parole at 110 years old.

Iceman during an interview
Iceman during an interview

The Iceman passed away aged 70 in a secure wing of the St. Francis Medical Center. At the time, he was scheduled to testify that he had been hired for the Calabro murder by a Gambino family underboss, Sammy Gravano, so there were some suspicions that he may have been murdered, but an autopsy concluded that he died of natural causes. The charges against Gravano, who at the time was serving a long sentence on a drug trafficking charge, were ultimately dropped since there wasn't enough evidence against him without Kuklinski's testimony.

This was a real dark topic for my first article but I hoped you guys liked it and Ill try to publish as much as I can.


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