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Film studio Toho has announced that they are resurrecting the king of all monsters, GODZILLA.

After a twelve year hibernation, 2016 is set to see the return of a Japan made GODZILLA film, and two years before the Gareth Edwards helmed, Legendary/WB sequel releases in 2018.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the success of the Hollywood film which garnered critical praise and a $500 million box-office take.

The 1954, black and white original, directed by Ishiro Honda is regarded as a classic for its depiction atomic age fears at large.

In 2004, Toho claimed FINAL WARS would be the 28th film in the franchise, and the last. But the current climate has made the Tokyo based company rethink its irradiated property. A Toho official states,

“We have received earnest requests for the revival from fans. We want to begin production as early as next summer.”

No director has been named yet, along with any decision to follow the traditional route of a man in rubber suit Godzilla, or a CGI version. Or potentially a combination of both (motion-capture?).

Whatever the result, all hail the reemergence of GODZILLA!

Have fun.


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