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Can you handle more? The Assignment DLC launches in early 2015 and lets you play as Juli Kidman instead of Sebastian Castellanos.

The Assignment is the first of three DLC packs releasing for The Evil Within. This additional horrifying content focuses on Sebastians mysterious partner Juli Kidman.

If you were able to make it through the entirety of [The Evil Within](movie:1282602) you will notice that It kinda ends without really ending leaving gamers far and wide dying to know what's next. Playing as Juli Kidman should clear up some of this obscurity when it comes to many of the particularities of Ruvik and STEM, but some mysteries will still remain open-ended of course.

Part 2 of her story, The Consequence, and the final DLC The Keeper will be released at a later date.

The third and final DLC pack is yet to be named or is one of those "he who shall not be named" affairs which will allow you to play as a bad guy a somewhat malevolent force. Players will assumes the role of The Keeper, or the “Boxman” as he is also referred to which Tango Gameworks describes as a “sadistic collection of mission-based maps.”

Juli Kidman

Juli "Kid" Kidman is the deuteragonist of The Evil Within and protagonist of a three part downloadable content pack. She is partners with Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

Juli Kidman is a new detective recently transferred to Sebastian's precinct. On one of her first assignments with Sebastian, they are sent to Beacon Mental Hospital, only to be caught up in something sinister.

Kidman has mysteriously lost her memories of her past and does not remember her childhood. She has no recollection of her parents, where she was born or raised, or how she got to where she is. She doesn't see how knowing this information would be of any benefit to her in her life currently, so she's never looked into it. Her only concern is what she has to do now, and what will happen if she fails.

Over at Bethblog there are a few questions thrown at the director about the upcoming horror.

How does playing as Juli feel different from playing as Sebastian?

Well, from a character perspective, I would say she’s much livelier than Sebastian was in the main game! Her story is a bit more personal than his as well, so there’s a bit of banter and commentary as you play.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

Are you able to hint at the time frame of the DLC content? Does it take place before, after, or during the main game’s story?

We took a “Rashomon” approach to things with Juli’s campaign in the sense that “each person sees things differently.” In real life this is true, but inside STEM you can imagine how warped things would get!

Some of the main game’s biggest questions surround Juli Kidman? How do you balance answering some of those questions with keeping parts of the game’s story open-ended/mysterious?

That was a tough one! We approached the DLC from the perspective that, while Juli is enigmatic during the main game, there were additionally lots of other mysteries about the world and the characters that could be cleared up or hinted at by playing as her. She is a character who seems rather “aware” of her situation, after all.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within

Early on, we listed the things that we wanted to answer and ones we wanted to keep open and worked around that. We definitely leave some of the mysteries open, but I feel we shed a lot of light on the lore of Ruvik, STEM, and the characters while asking (and answering) a whole new set of questions regarding Juli and her mission.

The three downloadable content packs will be released over the course of 2015 with the first landing in January (As we make it). Releasing across Ps4, PS3, XboxOne, Xbox360 and PC.


Are you brave enough to go back into The Evil Within?

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