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Endure and Survive..
Kai Nova Jackson

Fans of the game are just itching to be given ideas of how the epic game would be portrayed on the big screen, heres my prediction that i whipped up..please dont mind some minor flaws in the poster..

Heres an alternate fan-made teaser poster by me. Could this possibly what our stars would look like together in the epic film? This is what I hope becomes of this..

Hugh Jackman pretty takes the #1 spot on the list of stars favorited for the role of Joel in the film. But Jackman also contends with other actors. Gerald Butler is possibly trending on the list.

It is confirmed that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has been approached for the role of Ellie. From what Ive read Maisie possibly is taking consideration for the role. I agree that Maisie would make a perfect fit for the role of Ellie. Theres isn't much that fans of the epic game can look into but to sit anxiously and wait for what becomes of this. In the mean time hopefully my fan-made teaser post gives fans an idea of what our favorite stars could possibly look like if they were to snatch the roles for the film. Stay tuned for another poster with Gerald Butler as Joel. Cinema...."We re ready".....and waiting...


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