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Finally, the trailer for the new Pixar movie Inside Out has landed its awesomeness on the internet. For starters, I'll confess I am a huge Pixar fan. I feel they have delivered nothing but greatness since day one, therefore my hopes for [Inside Out](movie:332779) are set pretty high.

not pictured: the plot.
not pictured: the plot.

The trailer only discloses the basic premise of the movie: A mother, father, and their daughter have to interact with one another and we are given an inside glimpse of their emotions as they wrestle with each other for the power to control the reactions of their "human." The mother's emotions sit in a talk show style table, and they seem to be agreeing and consulting each other to make any decisions. On the other hand, the mustachioed emotions of the father share a space that I can only describe as the bridge of the Enterprise. Hilarity ensues as they struggle to manage conflict with the emotions of their daughter who, as befits a developing person, are much more volatile and take almost full control one at a time.

Leaving aside the heteronormative view that the "leaders" or the mother and fathers' emotions are Sadness and Anger respectively, Pixar has done a great job in giving us 5 characters that convey their identified emotions, almost without having to open their mouths. Anger is small, bulky, and red. Fear is thin and weak. Sadness is bloated and blue. Disgust is green and has a resting bitch-face. Happiness has a childish grin and looks like Tinkerbell.

It all fits perfectly...

...or does it?

Ah the fear! Ah... the sadness!
Ah the fear! Ah... the sadness!

Well, actually it doesn't...

You see, there are not 5 but 6 basic human emotions. Pixar has proven again they're ahead of both us and the game by avoiding the emotion that I am sure not only will have an important role in the movie but also provides them with a great pun.

Well, "what emotion is that?" you are asking yourself. It's the same emotion that has lead you here: Surprise!


That's right, the 6 basic human emotions are: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Happiness, and Surprise. Don't take my word for it, it's all there in the psychology manuals. The creators of Toy Story and Up have hidden the character that will provoke in us precisely the emotion it represents. Well played Pixar, well played.


Is Pixar trying to surprise us with 'Surprise'?


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