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Ah, the holidays: a time where everybody and their mama rushes to put together gift guides long past Black Friday. Granted, most people - like myself - havent lifted a finger toward holiday shopping yet, so I'll do anything to simplify last-minute gifts while window-shopping! In my household, we're big geeks: sci-fi, comics, video games, and books pretty much line the walls, and our obsessions make us pretty easy to shop for.

I've included gifts for men, women, both, and children - some of which you can DIY if the price tags are too high! If you're still searching for that perfect gift for your comic-obsessed friend, I hope this guide will help!

Ugly Sweaters

Here in the U.S., for some insane reason, a lot of holiday parties are centered around the theme of ugly sweaters. We're pretty obsessed with it - so much that brands will often purposefully design ugly sweaters around this time of year because they know we'll buy them. Luckily, TeeFury decided to put together a wide variety of ugly sweaters this year, including a pretty adorable one featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Superhero Snapbacks

It's a no-brainer that there are a ton of lids featuring superheroes, so why not go for something unique? If you can hunt them down, the Marvel X Tokidoki line from 2010 was a hit and tends to sell all over amazon. But if not, SuperHeroStuff has a ton of unique designs for snapbacks.

Butt-Kicking Jewelry

Etsy and Storenvy are treasure troves for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and all sorts of jewelry made for those of us who love to accessorize with our favorite heroes. Choose something unique, iconic, and maybe even a little hard to guess at - or go for something fun for date nights! These earrings are up on Etsy for $11.

Batman V Superman Sweatshirt

Every single person I know is both nervous and excited for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). The fans can't wait to see their favorite rivals on the big screen - but until then, how about you treat them to an awesome sweatshirt for the winter? This is only $18, and the design is gorgeous. freshMOOD has a ton of great designs for other superheroes and pop culture icons as well, but this one was my favorite. Get it here on Etsy!

Neck Ties Made for Superheroes

Ties might seem like a boring idea, but most of my favorite teachers and world leaders love 'em. It's become something of a tradition for me to seek out great geeky accessories for my dad - who teaches Civics at middle school level - and the ties from AbandonedWarehouse on Etsy are great.

Girls Will Save the World Longsleeve

Is your superheroine battling the evils of low self-esteem - or does she just need a reminder that she's awesome? This is the shirt to get her. With a super cool Wonder Woman-inspired design, this top is cute, positive, and comfy.

Comic Book Kicks

There are so many guides for DIY comic book flats and heels - which makes them an easy present for the fabulous comic fan in your life. But if you're not super handy, there are tons of people that can do it for you. Grab a pair for a statement piece on a night out.

Native American-Inspired Superhero Tees

I'm not fibbing when I say that Jeffrey Veregge is one of my favorite comic artists, even though I found him via video games and my love for Connor from Assassin's Creed 3. He's done incredible work: one of his more popular art series involves fan art of superheroes depicted in a Native American-inspired art style, and recently, he started selling the prints as shirts. If you've got a comic lover in your family that loves unique graphic tees, check out Jeffrey's store and pick one up!

Custom Capes for the Kids

A lot of us have tied sheets around our necks and pretended that we were flying over Metropolis, but now your little crime fighter can do so with their own personal logo - for under 10 bucks! Get yours customized here.

Mutant School Pride

Two picks on this one! For the aspiring sportsman at Xavier's Institute, a comfy Varsity jacket from SuperHeroStuff is just the trick for a cold day. For those who prefer lighter clothes, check out HerUniverse's cute cardigan - both have huge logos on the back to show off your school pride.

I think I might do a full-on DIY guide next, for those of us who have bills to pay. If you're into it, please let me know in the comments, and make sure to tell me what you want for the holiday so that I can rough Santa up for you.


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