ByOskar Klonowski, writer at

"If you still haven't seen the movie there is few spoilers below"

I have just watched the new Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies and I think that this movie is amazing ending of Hobbit trilogy. Movie is 2h 20min long and every single second is used to tell us everything and make us more curious about the end. Concept Artist's did great job creating War characters like: Moose and Pig. I think that War-Moose is the most epic character from the trilogy and the most epic I have ever seen. The only think that may be sad for a lot of people is Thorin death that takes about 40min of the movie. And the best for armor fans there is new gold armor for Thorin. He got it from inside the mountain. Although I love the moment when Bard kills Smaug with the Black Arrow on his son shoulder. And I can say that Hobbit Trilogy is as good as Lord of the Rings.

Thorin is sick of gold in the mountain and then he dies after 40min of fighting with the Orc's Leader.


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