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What a mid-season finale, we really have to wait until January 21st to see what happens next! I am going to try to write this review as spoiler free as I can but with everything that happened this episode I can’t promise that it will be completely spoiler free. If you saw the episode last night you know how exciting it was and how they built everything to the final moments of the show, and then left us wanting more.

We start off this week seeing Oliver climbing the side of a mountain. We then cut to 48 hours earlier and see a Christmas party at the Starling City Police station. We then see Lance walk outside to where the Arrow is waiting for him with a perp as a present for him. There is a little banter here between Arrow and Lance but Arrow suddenly gets silent and draws out his bow, its a bit surprising that Lance didn’t pick up on it. Suddenly an arrow is shot at him and he assumes it’s Merlyn until others drop down and start to attack him as well. He is then tied up and punched in the face. While he is groggy from the punch he is dragged to an area where Nyssa is waiting. She tells him he was given time to find Sara’s killer but he has exhausted her father’s patience. She tells Oliver that he has 48 hours or the league will start killing fifty Starling citizens everyday until the killer is found. She reviled that Maseo is the one that will carry out the order. Oliver is in shock that Maseo is working with the league, he is the one that is in the current flashbacks of Oliver in China this season. We then see Laurel talking to Sara’s grave when Thea comes across her. They start talking and Thea questions why she is talking to the grave when Sara is still alive. It might just be me but I don’t remember Thea ever being brought into the secret that Sara was alive. Next we see Ray Palmer come into Felicity’s office and start talking to her, asking if they are ok after the kiss. Felicity is then with every one and Oliver is telling them all what Nyssa said. Diggle tells Oliver that if they can’t find the killer they need a contingency plan to which he replies he doesn’t have one.

Full Review On GeekedOutNation


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