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“Papa’s Goods” began Jax’s end. This episode was purely him wrapping things up in his life to do the exact opposite of what his father did. First off was his estate: the garage, the houses and the money. He left all of that to Wendy so that she could go away with the boys and raise them properly the way Tara wanted. Jax then turned his attention to the gang warfare that he started in Tara’s name. Solving this was a matter of gunfire. He took out anyone and everyone he needed to to get the job done. Down went August Marks, down went the Irish gunrunners and down went Borowsky. Jax was done playing games and wanted the club to go in the right direction.

Jax then went to the District Attorney and told her everything. EVERYTHING. She knew who killed Tara and where they could find Gemma and Wayne. Jax then took the plunge. He set a plan in motion that wouldn’t allow the club to kill him. Happy was shot in the arm so that everyone would think Jax got away when he was set to die. Instead, Jax resigned himself to meet the same fate as his father. In the last shot of the entire series, Jax was being chased by the police as he drove his bike directly into a truck driven by last week’s guest star Michael Chiklis.

The series finale of [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) did everything right. Many will make jokes about some of the worst finales. One already repeated a lot is “If your main character does’t become a lumberjack, then it’s already better than Dexter”. However Sons of Anarchy is definitely one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen. Kurt Sutter wrote an ending. This was nothing flashy, nothing full of twists and most importantly something that felt like the rest of the series. There is something to be said about a series that holds back and simply ends their story which really ends when Jax dies.

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