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Fan's favorite web-slinging superhero has obtained his own petition!

In the wake of the Sony Hack, and the speculation that a deal to bring Spider-Man to the MCU "is very much not dead", fans have reacted & created a petition!

"Yeah, bitch!" indeed!
"Yeah, bitch!" indeed!

Here's a message, from the creator of the petition:

Sony recently declined the opportunity to include Spiderman in the upcoming civil war movie, in which he plays a major role, and in a new franchise in which Sony would have distribution rights and creative input. This is a petition to try and attempt to show Sony how much the fans care and want a change.

If you follow the 'Marvel: Civil War' story arc, you will see that Spider-Man is in fact a main contributor to the events that unfold!
From when he sides with Tony Stark/Iron Man, takes off his mask and reveals his secret identity (in front of live TV & press) to when he ultimately realizes his wrongs & switches sides, to join Captain America & run against the Superhero Registration Act.

Now if this petition goes through (And if Sony & Marvel settle on a deal) we MIGHT actually get to see our friendly neighborhood web-slinger come to the MCU!

I know right?!
I know right?!

If you'd like to sign the petition and , click here and let's get the boll rolling!


Should Spider-Man "come home" and be involved in the MCU?


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