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We've reached that time of the year where I feel a special kind of conflict. I love Christmas, but as a TV fan, I also hate it - all of my favorite shows are suddenly off air, having had their mid season finale. They'll return in January, or for some, as late as March. Many people don't really get the whole concept of having a "mid season finale," so I'll explain it here:

It's not really so the actors can have a break or whatnot. Development in all likelihood continues anyway, and just breaks over Christmas, as your regular jobs do (Arrow, for instance, is currently filming its fourteenth episode, The Return (I'm fairly sure [The Flash](series:1068303) and Gotham are also both filming). The real reason shows go off air over Christmas is because there really isn't just that much potential for ratings there. Everybody's out doing stuff, all of those (there are literally thousands) Christmas movies are dominating the network, and the only one I care about is Elf - sorry Christmas movies! In short, the shows aren't going to reach their maximum potential. So, depressingly, they go off air.

Fair warning, there'll be spoilers for the aired midseason finales in this article. Which is pretty much common sense, given we're actually talking about the next episode. But, you're warned - Arrow's is particularly blunt about its shock ending of episode 9, too.


I plopped this on last week, but it can go here again: [Gotham](series:1127075) will be returning on January 5th, which, in comparison, isn't all that far away! Here The Penguin openly labels himself as the Penguin, and we see Arkham's inner workings, as well as our first look at this alternate take on Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

The Flash

If you haven't seen episode 9, don't watch this. But, if you have, it's very exciting! The trailer focuses mainly on Barry training to go even faster to defeat the Reverse Flash, who is also named in this promo. But the main plot of the episode will be as the title suggests, 'Revenge of the Rogues.' Captain Cold and Heatwave - who we first saw very quickly in episode 4, 'Going Rogue' - will unite to bring down the Flash. I imagine we'll get a longer trailer, likely featuring snippets from other upcoming episodes, leading up to it airing on January 20th. The Flash is only nine episodes old, but I'm going to really, really miss it.


Again, common sense, if you haven't seen episode 9, don't watch this trailer because it will downright spoil it for you. I also imagine a larger trailer is coming in time, but that may not end up being the case. This promo doesn't exactly do much, but, as I speculated yesterday, the single newest bit of footage - a foot - will likely have crucial importance. So, let's speculate about its owner (assuming it's still attached).

If you want some news about Episodes 10,11 and some speculation as to what's going to happen from here, by all means check out my most article dedicated just to that!


[Constantine](movie:874314)'s midseason finale also aired this week. Despite having a short first season, a new 20% spike increase in viewers and rising reviews and ratings are great for fans of the show and very promising indeed. Shows ranging from The Office to The Walking Dead are both examples of popular, long running shows which had a first season cut short- there's room to be concerned for Constantine, but it's far from been given a death sentence.

Sadly, we don't have a promo for the next episode yet, but we know it'll air on January 9th, called The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2. So, that's that! It will be an unbearable wait until these episodes air indeed. On a more personal note, while my main coverage on this site has always really been Arrow and Flash based, there's still plenty to write about. In January I won't be writing much at all, so those first two weeks of DC TV trailers you'll just have to look up yourself (like you probably do anyway). But for the rest of this month there's still plenty to cover.

So until week three of DC TV next week, that's all for these articles! Have a Merry Christmas from me.

Too soon? Credit to Robert Strilić on FB for this!
Too soon? Credit to Robert Strilić on FB for this!

And now I leave you with a mini present, thanks to TheNerd Paradise on Youtube: an incredible monologue, followed by an incredible fight scene, followed by a shattering death.

For now, let's see what people think below. If you want more speculation, we've been discussing it pretty heavily over here. Enjoy!


Who do you think this foot belongs to?


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