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Hello there Moviepilot! It's Kaleb back with a fresh new concept for you! Previously I've shown how I would direct a 6-phase Spider-Man Universe. (You can read that here:,manual) With all of the positive feedback, I decided to try it again with Wolverine. This cinematic universe focuses primarily on Wolverine, but will have a full phase dedicated to the X-Men, who will pop in and out of the franchise. Without further ado, My cinematic universe for the Wolverine.

Phase 1

Wolverine: The Incredible Hulk

Rights issues aside
Rights issues aside

Assuming there weren't rights issues, the film would pick up with a pre-X-Men/Post Weapon X, experienced Wolverine working with the Canadian & American governments to track down and take out the Hulk who is battling the real villain, Wendigo. The film ends with the Hulk and Wolverine (who have unknowingly met before) parting ways and Wolverine leaving the Canadian task force Department H to join a team named the X-Men. The final line following a blackout, Wolverine says, "...but I bet you're wondering how I got here."

Wolverine: Dressed To Kill

This film is kinda an out of order film. It follows an experienced Wolverine on a James Bond-esque film. I'm still working this film out.


Featuring everyone seen in the above picture...
Featuring everyone seen in the above picture...

This would be a spin-off that would also be out-of-order and feature the origins of the team. This film includes a post-Xmen Wolverine.

Omega Red

This film is a spin-off of the Russian mutant murderer versus Wolverine. Again, I'm working this film.

Phase 2

This phase is all about how Wolverine got to where he is in Phase 1.

Wolverine: The Origins, Parts 1 & 2

The origin is in two parts. Part 1 follows the adolescent Logan's childhood, climaxes with him killing his "father" and ends with Dog, his "brother" vowing revenge. Part 2 picks up here, showing 20 year old Logan and love interest Rose, who ran away with him, confront Dog. Wolverine is forced to fight Dog and Rose throws herself in the way and dies by Logan's hand. Logan kills Dog and flees. End of film.

Wolverine: Silver Fox

The whole Sabretooth and Silver Fox storyline that ends with her "death". A post credit scene reveals her body being taken into a secret base, ending with a female dressed in all green say, "Shut the doors". When the doors close, a Hydra logo is plastered on the closed doors. End movie.

Wolverine: World War One

Wolverine's healing factor and what happens when he dies is fully explained. Logan has to fight Lazaer to live. The film follows Logan battle in the war and ends with him defeating Lazaer (in the afterlife) and leaving the won war. He travels to Madripoor in a post-credit stinger where he puts on an eyepatch and begins defending the city. This leads into...

Wolverine: Madripoor

Logan adopts the mantle of Patch and begins taking down organized crime in the city. Ironically, this is where he meets the Hulk who won't recognize him later because of the eyepatch. Silver Samurai is the assassin hired by the crime bosses to take down Logan. Logan pursues the samurai (who has some valuable information regarding a certain name...) to Japan. End film.

Wolverine: Japan

Logan continues his battle against the Silver Samurai and takes on his crew called "The Hand". Logan also meets Kitty Pryde, a kidnapped mutant from the Hand. He gets sidetracked with a woman named Itsu, who is murdered while pregnant with Wolverine's kid, who is believed dead. Logan never finds the man and forms a blade that could kill him for good. However, he doesn't use it and returns to America, just in time for World War 2.

(Insert Black Widow spin-off featuring Wolverine's training)

Wolverine: World War Two

Pic has nothing to do with title
Pic has nothing to do with title

Logan fights Hydra in WWII and fights in Poland and Japan. He meets Nick Fury and Captain America. It leads into a Captain America/Wolverine spin-off.

Wolverine: SHIELD

Wolverine goes on a top secret mission for the young SHIELD led by Nick Fury. This is preparation for..

Wolverine: Hydra

Silver Fox returns to kill Logan and he is forced to kill her again and destroy the Hydra base belonging to Madam Hydra.

Wolverine: Cold War

Logan battles Nuke, a former weapon of a team known as The World. Wolverine damages his face and finds himself working with Sabertooth.

Wolverine: Weapon X, Parts 1-3

Part 1: Wolverine enlists into Project X and ends with him getting his procedure.

Part 2: Logan breaks free and destroys Project X.

Part 3: Logan battles assassins and escapes, earns his title as Weapon X

Summaries of the rest of the movies:

Wolverine: Running Wild - aftermath of Weapon X

Wolverine: Department H - Logan joins Alpha Flight/Canadian government

Wolverine: Alpha Flight - Wolverine leads the team against the Hulk, connects phases 1 & 2.

If you enjoyed my article, let me know if you want part 2 (phases 3 & 4).


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