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If you're a comic fan, then Arrow is probably one of your favorite shows on television. From Oliver to Roy to Felicity, every character has their own unique story and you can't help but get deeply involved in every one. Now the question is, do you guys think that it deserves it's own standalone movie?

Let's take a look at how this would look.

In order to truly convey the meaning of Green [Arrow](series:720988)'s crusade, and the depth of Oliver's character, you need to go back to the beginning. You need to follow him through the experiences of being a playboy millionaire, being stranded on Lian Yu and finally making it home. Not to mention the part about him actually being Arrow. So here's how I see it. You would most likely need to split it up into two movies.Now I don't mean to say it should be something like Arrow: Part 1 and Arrow: Part 2. I'm saying, he should get his own franchise, even if it is only two movies.

Personally, I love seeing the scenes in Arrow when Oliver flashes back to his time on the island and I know plenty of others that also enjoy those parts of the show. So what I'm proposing, is that the first movie really goes in depth about Oliver's life before he donned the hood and the bow. I can't even imagine the level of awesome that would come with getting an in depth look at Oliver on the island, without any interruption from the present. We would get to see him transform from a egocentric playboy to a smart, humbled warrior who's fighting for his survival.

The second movie would give us what we'd all been waiting for. Which is a movie about Oliver as Green Arrow. We would get to see him bring justice to Starling and possibly even see him employ Roy as Speedy. I personally think it would be pretty awesome if his main villain in this movie was Count Vertigo.

So far, DC hasn't revealed any plans to give Green Arrow his own standalone movie, which I personally think he deserves. Whether or not we'll get to see him in the Justice League movies, I'm not sure. We all know he deserves more than that though. Thanks to the show, Green Arrow has become one of the most beloved characters in the modern DC universe and I think DC would benefit from using him more.

The one bad part of all of this? Stephen Amell is almost definitely not going to be donning the hood. Considering Ezra Miller has already been cast as The Flash, that means we probably won't be seeing Grant Gustin as [The Flash](series:1068303). Unless we see Gustin as Barry Allen and Miller as Wally West in a Flash and Kid Flash type scenario, in which case Amell as Arrow would be a possibility. Unfortunately though, DC has said that they don't plan on connecting the TV and movie universes. Plus, if Gustin isn't part of the movies, then Amell can't be either because as we all know, they are indeed connected.

I want to know what you guys think.


Does Arrow Deserve a Standalone Movie?


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