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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

We all hate it when we go against conflict it causes stress so instead of facing conflict where we have to choose sides why not just team up for starters we'd get a headstart if we team up by headstart I mean back up so here are my TOP 5 DC and MARVEL team ups we want.

Number 5 : Black Widow and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)

Wonder Widow
Wonder Widow

These two bad ass girls will get you rocking when they team up a highly skilled assassin and a fighting warrior combine these two and you will get a bad ass supeheroine bomb!

Number 4 : Superman and Thor

The Kryptonian and The Asgardian
The Kryptonian and The Asgardian

Both the Kryptonian and Asgardian are legends an immortal hero and a son of god(I mean Odin) if these two team up we will see a whole lot of destruction not the kind we have seen but a destruction that is out of this world the God of Thunder and the Kryptonian Hero they are just a perfect match.

Number 3 : Quicksilver and The Flash


A lot of fights have been going between Quicksilver and [The Flash](series:1068303) to see who's more faster and better but lets put the past behind us and just team these two up they both are the fastest there is in their own universes but when these two combined we will be seeing a whole lot of super speed trails between these two speedsters.

Number 2 : Spiderman and Green Lantern

Spider Lantern (ignore the batman logo)
Spider Lantern (ignore the batman logo)

When these two combined we will see a lot of red and green colours the man with superhuman agilities and the descendant of Abun Sur himself the combination is epic between these two.

Number 1 : Iron Man and Green Lantern

Iron Lantern
Iron Lantern

I didn't have another choice for Iron Man so I picked Green Lantern

The man in a titanium armour who calls himself Iron Man and the chosen one called Green Lantern or in other words the cocky test pilot and the billionaire philanthropist combined we get a billionaire test pilot and philanthropist or in other words awesome or we get...


Iron Lantern!

Real Number 1 : Captain America and Batman

The Caped Crusader and The Living Legend(literally)
The Caped Crusader and The Living Legend(literally)

Once the Dark Knight meets a Living Legend War Hero it becomes awesome Captain America has an unbreakable shield(except when Ultron beaks it) agility strength speed and stamina combined with Batman's worldwide fighting skills stealth mastery weapons expert we get Captain Batman the ultimate hero!

In case some of you didn't expect these here are some honourable mentions

[Deadpool](movie:38663) and Grifter

The Merc with a mouth and the Resistance leader

Batman and Black Panther

The Caped Crusader and The Wakanda'n King

Green Arrow and Hawkeye

The two archermen

Aquaman and Namor

The Antlantian King and The Submariner

Winter Soldier and Red Hood

The trained gunman and living dead

Batman and Moon Knight

The Caped Crusader and The Agent of Death

Vision and Martian Manhunter

The Android and The Shapeshifter

Red Tornado and Vision

The Tornado Android and The Unbeatable Android


What do you think?


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