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Jerome Maida

Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Amy Pascal has finally spoken out about the Sony hacking attacks that have befallen her company. Those that actually want to see the interview in it's entirety should look at Deadline.

Right now, for this piece, I want to remind everyone that this is not a "scandal", it is an attack. It is important to remember that while everyone is determined to obsess over a nonsensical uproar over Pascal daring to state in an e-mail that president Obama is probably interested in films with leads that are black ; if Angelina Jolie is upset and other trivialities.

Yes, while even many of us here on MoviePilot have focused on the possibilities of a "21 Jump Street"/"Men In Black" crossover and Marvel Studios reaching an agreement with Sony to include Spider-Man in "[Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409)", we have all been forgetting there are serious things going on here.

The personal information and personal correspondence of thousands of people have been stolen and proliferated. Tat is a big deal.

Some of Sony's most promising films, like "Annie", have been basically stolen and released online.

Why? Because those sympathetic to the North Korean government are pissed that Sony dared to continue with it's plans to release the Seth Rogen-led comedy film "The Interview" as intended, despite those who felt it offended their leader Kim Jong-Un.

Isn't that what we who love films and - hopefully - the First Amendment, should REALLY be upset about? That a a movie studio that refused to censor one of it's films is being punished?

Instead we get the PC thugs accusing a company headed by a woman of misogyny.

Instead, people are accusing a woman who made the decision to make traditionally Caucasian characters Electro, "[The Equalizer](movie:4448)" and "Annie" blacl - this year alone!

Shouldn't we be more upset about a cyber-terrorist attack - one that the FBI says could not have been prevented by over 90% of the companies in America - rather than trivialities?

Why aren't people asking these questions? Why aren't they focusing on the big story?

What is wrong with this picture?

What do all of you think?


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