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Good news, Bat-fans!

Not only are we edging ever closer to the arrival of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on the big screen, and the subsequent spectacular beat-down between the two heroes - but, around the same time, we might just be getting something just as special - a third installment of Frank Miller's epic Dark Knight series...

That's right - Bleeding Cool is now reporting that Miller - along with the widely respected Scott Snyder - is planning on bringing The Dark Knight back in comic-book form. The book would follow on from the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight Returns - arguably the defining comic of the '80s - and the 2000s' somewhat less acclaimed The Dark Knight Strikes Back.

Word is that Miller, due to ill health, won't be drawing the book himself - and will co-write with Snyder - but that's done nothing to dampen the excitement surrounding the news.

Especially since the story will apparently follow an older Carrie Kelley, as she seeks her successor - much as Bruce Wayne did all those years before. Which means it could be a very different sort of Bat-book to ones we've seen before.

Which, in turn, is exactly as it should be.

Now, we just have to hope that we'll see it sooner rather than later - released sometime near Batman vs. Superman, perhaps?

What do you guys think, though?


Excited for The Dark Knight 3?

via Bleeding Cool


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