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AMC has released a new video with the stars of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) telling fans their thoughts, and what to expect, for the second half of Season 5.

The video contains a lot of footage from the 30 second teaser trailer we were shown after the mid-season finale, as well as some footage from the first half of Season 5. There are also some sit down interviews with many of the main cast as well the executive producers.

Check out some of the highlights from the video, and watch the whole thing at the end:

Chad L. Coleman aka Tyreese

The second half, they gonna go through even more hell

Short, simple and to the point, Chad L. Coleman tells us how it'll be!

Scott Gimple, Executive Producer

The back eight [episodes] has a very interesting structure there are some very emotional moments, there are some very crazy moments and theres a huge change for the situation of these characters.
When you've gone through all that stuff and you've decided that you cant exactly be who you were before and what you were before that you are too far gone, that's a question that all these all characters are gonna face.

I think this is definitely an interesting comment. There's no doubt that big changes are coming,: the group are now 10 days from their safe haven, the prison was destroyed, their new temporary home of Father Gabriel's church was overrun, and now they find themselves back on the road for the first time since early Season 3.

Gimple's second comment is also really exciting because we know we can expect to see some major changes from Rick, but it will be interesting to see a lot of the main characters questioning their humanity (or loss thereof) in the second half of Season 5.

Norman Reedus a.k.a. Daryl Dixon

We used to move in a direction based on fear, now we're running towards things and we're hitting things head on

The group have definitely become more confident in themselves over the last few seasons, and after what happened with Dawn and Beth at Grady Memorial I suspect the group will move on with a lot more purpose and ruthless force than we've ever seen before.

Andrew Lincoln a.k.a. Rick Grimes

It feels like we're moving into a new show, it just feels like a new place visually and also story-wise.
It's very hard not to be brutalizes by this world but there is a sense in Rick that he's gonna pull people through

Lincoln's words definitely echo the sentiment we heard in earlier interviews that now you're either working with Rick or against him. If you're with him, he'll pull you through. But if not, well, like the man said - it's hard not to be brutalized by this world.

Lauren Cohan a.k.a. Maggie Greene

We're going to see Maggie in a way we have never seen her and I think fighting a dark side that she has always resisted

I think Maggie will have a huge storyline in the upcoming episodes, and I have a feeling that she'll join Rick's move to the darkside. Maggie now only has Glenn holding her back from the edge, and seeing what will happen to her throughout Season 5 will be very interesting.

Watch the whole video here:


Will the second half of Season 5 be better than the first half?

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