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When I first saw James Bond's kick-ass jetpack in Thunderball, I knew my life would only be complete once I had one to call my own.

Even though it looked more like a rubber tube hastily covered in tin-foil than a personal flying device, it was just about the coolest thing a teenage boy could have ever conceived. But I was wrong.

THIS is just about the coolest thing I could have ever conceived!

Just look at it! It's like something out of a comic book.

Guinness Book record holder Yves Rossy, a.k.a. Jetman (now that's a nickname to be proud of), is the first man ever to fly with a jet-propelled wing, and he does it with style.

In a truly death-defying feat that pushes the boundaries of possibility, Rossy dodges and dives above the Dubai desert in a stunning video that will take your breath away!

If you ever wanted to see a real life jetpack in action, this is the closest you're gonna get...

One Last Glance

The Swiss ex fighter pilot takes one last look at the horizon before letting gravity do its thing.


Can you imagine the feeling of dropping backwards out of a helicopter, strapped to two jet engines?!

A Near Collision

Rossy plays cat and mouse with another airplane, teasing fate by weaving in and out of its flight path.

Vertical Apex

Their co-ordination is faultless, pulling off this incredibly intricate maneuver with ease.

A Second Pilot!

Just as the video cuts to black, we see another jet wing pilot, before '2015' appears. What could this mean? Can we expect some more insanely awesome jet pack joyriding in the new year?!

You can watch the full video below:

I guess we've all got one more thing to add to our Christmas lists now.


Given the chance, would you strap in to one of these jet packs?


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