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Yes, yes, we all know that Vampires aren't real, but that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun imagining!

But what are the warning signs that you should sell your soul to the supernatural and hop into bed with an undead hunk? Check out the list below so you can be aware of the warning signs!

You Love a Confident Man

These vampire dudes have been around for so long that their self confidence never wavers. Even the soppy Edward Cullen never spends any time worrying about what other people think of him, and the likes of Damon are off the chain in their sense of self belief.

You Aren't Afraid of a Little Blood!

In fact, there's something about you that kind of likes it... DON'T JUDGE ME!

You're a Bit of a Drama Queen

Unless you thrive in the realm of relationship drama, you'd better steer clear of guys with hundreds of years of history behind them.

Things are never plain sailing in a relationship with a vampire dude, so expect to give and receive Mariah Carey level diva behavior.

You Have a Sense of Humor

If you can't laugh off some of the bizarre situations this relationship will land you in, you'll spend a lot of time sobbing. And nobody likes that.

You're a Bit of a History Buff

These guys have been around for longer than all of your grandparents put together, so you'd better be pretty into the past!

You Think Humans Are Kind of Overrated

Eurgh, they're just so mortal.

You're a Diehard Romantic

Because when you could be together for literally eternity, nothing else will do.

You Love a Buff Bod

Because if TV has taught me anything, all vampire have those, right?

You Know When to Put Your Foot Down

Sure a lot of these vampires seem to be initially attracted to a bit of a shrinking violet, but if you don't know when to put your foot down, they'll probably just get bored and eat you.

I mean, look at what a nightmare Elena is and where it's got her...

When People Think Vampires Are Lame, You Aren't Having Any of It!

Also, anyone who thinks vampires look like this needs to get with the times!


How many of the points above sound a lot like you?


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