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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Have you ever stopped and contemplated the laws of Pokemon breeding? Like, how feasible would that be? Would they be attracted to each other? Do they know, the capable organs?

If you're not strange like me and have a high level of illustration skill or have been to Pokefusion websites, then you're already aware of the incredible phenomenon of fusing two Pokemon's visual attributes to create something utterly amazing, terrifying or just downright weird! Check some of these out...

Cubone + Hitmonchan = Cuchan

Holy crap, this guy is amazing! Like a champion mummy thai kickboxer. Who would've thought Cubine and Hitmonchan could have such badass offspring!

Float like papyrus...
Float like papyrus...

(via gyodragon)

Charizard + Machamp = Charchamp

What can you say to this incredible, muscular, fire god of a Pokemon. Imagine just how legendary this beast would be if it existed. The artists impression is way better than the program's. 1-0 humanity!

My word!
My word!

(via kendallhaleart)

Magneton + Blastoise = Magnetoise

They're just getting sicker and sicker towards the end of the list, and ridiculous of course. I want this metallic monstrosity on my team. It wouldn't simply provoke a Pokefaint, it would devour PokeSOULS!

Well I never!
Well I never!

(via starvingartists)

Marowak + Scyther = Marother

I think this is my new Poke-totem-mon. You'd have to have significant testicular fortitude to take this guy on in a darkened forest!


(via starvingstudents)

Starmie + Mr. Mime = Starmime

Something a little bit more obscure here, Starmime looks like it could slot into the role of Final Fantasy boss quite well...

Oh dear.
Oh dear.

(via alexviana)

Weren't these Pokehybrids the best? I want some so bad! What about you?


Which was your favorite Pokefusion?


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