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Source Code was certainly one of the more original sci-fi blockbusters to come out of Hollywood for a while, and now it looks like the Duncan Jones directed flick is up for another outing.

According to Variety, The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures are reteaming to deliver Source Code 2. Unfortunately, if you were a fan of the union between Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal you may be a bit disappointed since neither of these guys will be returning for the sequel. Instead relative newcomer Anna Foerster will be helming a script written by original Source Code scribe Ben Ripley.

Considering neither Jones or Gyllenhaal are returning, my guess is that this isn't a direct sequel, but may simply further play with the concept established in the original movie.

In Source Code, a soldier awakens to find themselves in someone else's body. Stuck on a Chicago commuter train, he soon discovers he is part of a government experiment to find the culprit of a terrorist attack before it happens.

There's currently no casting or release date information for Source Code 2, but with a director and script in order it should only be a matter of time before more announcements are made.


Do we need a Source Code 2?

Source: Variety


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