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Happy 20th Birthday Babylon 5 - how time has flown by! Michael Straczynski's epic space opera ran for over 5 glorious years and lasted a whopping 110 episodes!

It may appear dated compared to modern day standards, but at the time Babylon 5 was visually groundbreaking, winning an Emmy for its outstanding special effects!

But the visuals aren't the only thing to have aged, as you'll find out when you see just how much the show's cast have changed, two decades after the first episode aired! Take a look:

Capt. John Sheridan - Bruce Boxleitner

Cmdr. Susan Ivanova - Claudia Christian

Michael Garibaldi - Jerry Doyle

Delenn - Mira Furlan

Dr. Stephen Franklin - Richard Biggs (R.I.P.)

Sadly, Richard Biggs passed away in 2004, but his contribution to the industry won't soon be forgotten.

Vir Cotto - Stephen Furst

Lennier - Bill Mumy

Londo Mollari - Peter Jurasik


Who's your favorite Babylon 5 Character?


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