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Good news, Spider-Fans! Or, at least, the beginnings of it...

An enterprising fan of the Marvel universe, Josh Pendarvis, has started a petition on - one that could, with a bit of luck, set in motion the process of getting Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Specifically, it asks Sony to reconsider their position - recently revealed by leaks - of keeping Spider-Man out of the MCU, despite the revelation that they were, until recently at least, in talks with Marvel over having Spider-Man appear in Captain America: Civil War. As Pendarvis puts it in the petition:

"Sony recently declined the opportunity to include Spiderman in the upcoming civil war movie, in which he plays a major role, and in a new franchise in which Sony would have distribution rights and creative input. This is a petition to try and attempt to show Sony how much the fans care and want a change."

Which, aside from being a pretty noble and lofty goal (at least from the perspective of comic-book geekdom), is also potentially incredibly well timed.

As opposed to clobberin' time...
As opposed to clobberin' time...

It's now looking as though Sony may not actually have pulled out of talks with Marvel after all - in which case any kind of concerted fan push - particularly one in the form of a petition like this - might actually stand a chance of changing the minds of some Sony execs.

So, if you're desperate to see Spider-Man join Cap, Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers gang in the MCU, this petition right here might just be your best chance to help.

The big question now?


Are YOU going to sign the petition?



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