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Famed film director Christopher Nolan, often heralded as the savior of the modern blockbuster, blew me away with his multi-dimensional sci-fi romp, Interstellar - but it seems I wasn't the only one impressed.

A number of prolific directors have come out of the woodwork to praise the time-bending movie, including the legendary Quentin Tarantino!

If Tarantino is left drooling all over your movie, you must have done something right!

An Astronomical Achievement

Tarantino recently spoke to The Guardian about the gargantuan scope and ambition of Interstellar:

It’s been a while since somebody has come out with such a big vision to things. Even the elements, the fact that dust is everywhere, and they’re living in this dust bowl that is just completely enveloping this area of the world. That’s almost something you expect from [Andrei] Tarkovsky or [Terrence] Malick, not a science fiction adventure movie.
Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)

The wide-open plains of Cooper's desolate farmlands certainly seem to owe a debt to Malick's rural crime classic, Badlands; so it's an apt comparison.

Movie Mind Games

Part of why I love Nolan is his willingness to tackle high-concept, sophisticated themes in mass market blockbusters. It seems Tarantino was equally impressed by his peer's un-patronizing approach to intelligent cinema-goers:

Part of the appeal of Memento is he’s challenging you in a game to poke holes in the mystery, and the scenario, and the storytelling. As opposed to something like The Sixth Sense or Fight Club where you watch it, and then you want to see it a second time to poke holes in it. He’s actually challenging you to do that. If you find a hole in it that’s almost as much fun as not finding a hole.

It's true, watching Nolan's movies is almost like playing a cinematic mind-game with him! You have to work hard to keep up with his often elaborate plots, and even if you do, they don't always quite make sense. But Tarantino is right, part of the fun is challenging his films, wrestling with their logic to see if it holds up.

Tarantino went on to praise the timelessness of Nolan's work:

Christopher Nolan would be just as good of a filmmaker as he is, just as a potent filmmaker as he is if he was making movies in 1975. Or, if he was making movies in 1965. I’d like to see Chris Nolan’s version of The Battle of Bulge. That would be f*cking awesome.

I'd love to see Nolan tackle a war movie - it would be so epic and gritty!

Other Directorial Love

Quentin wasn't the only industry legend to be blown away by Interstellar. The immensely talented Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Star Wars director Rian Johnson both took to Twitter to give the sci-fi epic some props.

So if you liked the film, it seems you're in damn good company!


Were you as impressed with Interstellar as Tarantino was?

[Source: The Guardian]


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