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While the life of a beauty queen from the outside looks fun and exciting (exotic travel, beautiful dresses and a legitimate excuse to wear a crown or tiara), it appears there's a dark side behind all those gowns and sashes... a murderous side.

Sadly, many current and former beauty queens have had their lives cut horribly short in some horrific ways. Check out these chilling real life beauty queen murders:

Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear

After winning the Miss Venezuela crown in 2004, Monica Spear split her time between American and Venezuela. While back in Venezuela in January 2014, the car Spear and her ex-husband and young daughter were traveling in blew two tires due to a sharp object placed in the road. Just as they were being towed, a group of men interfered and gunned them down. Spear and ex-husband, Thomas Berry, were both killed, though luckily their daughter survived.

Three men from a gang were later arrested and jailed for the murders. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called the incident a 'contract killing.'

Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado

In November 2014, just hours before Maria Jose Alvarado a.k.a. Miss Honduras was supposed to board a flight to London for the Miss World Pageant, Alvarado and her sister, Sofia, disappeared after celebrating the birthday of her sister's boyfriend. Shockingly, the boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, was arrested as an accomplice to murder and eventually confessed and led police to their makeshift grave.

Ruiz said the reason he murdered the sisters was because of an argument stemming from Maria's sister, Sofia, dancing with another man. After Ruiz shot Sofia in front of Maria, the 19-year-old beauty queen was also gunned down as she tried to run away.

Michaela McAreavey, Ulster Rose of Tralee

Michaela McAreavey represented Ulster for the 2004 Rose of Tralee, an international competition celebrated among Irish communities. While McAreavey was on her honeymoon in Mauritius with her new husband, gaelic football player John McAreavey, she interrupted a break-in in their hotel room and was strangled to death in the bath tub. While two of the hotel's workers were arrested, they were both found innocent by a jury after a two month trial.

Thapelo Makutle, Miss Gay Kuruman

23-year-old Thapelo Makutle was the reigning Miss Gay Kuruman when, on the night of June 8, 2012 he was brutally murdered and mutilated. Apparently the violence had happened after Makutle had argued with two men about his sexuality. After the argument someone broke into Makutle's room and attacked him, hacking off his genitals and stuffing them in his mouth and slitting his throat.

Sizwe Tajini was later arrested and confessed to the crime, showing little remorse for his actions, showing just how far the attitudes toward LGBT people in South Africa still needs to come.

Agnieszka Kotlarska, Miss International

Agnieszka Kotlarska was Miss Poland and Miss International in 1991. By the time Kotlarska won her beauty crowns she already had a stalker by the name of Jerzy, but it wasn't until she married Jarosław Świątek that he became an even more dangerous threat.

After having a successful international career, Kotlarska returned to Poland with her husband and daughter. On August 27, 1996 Jerzy approached the family as they were getting into the car. While her husband tried to stop him, Jerzy stabbed the man, and when Agnieszka Kotlarska ran to his aid, Jerzy stabbed her in the chest four times. She died later in hospital.


Which of these brutal murders shocked you the most?

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