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Back in 1998 one of the cutest TV shows ever seen debuted on Disney: PB&J Otter. This animated series followed three otter siblings, Peanut, Butter and Jelly and their mom and dad as they lived in the rural fishing community of Lake Hoohaw.

PB&J Otter ran for three seasons and 130 episodes before its original run ended in October 2000, though due to popular demand it still runs on Disney Junior!

Check out some of the amazing PB&J Otter fan-art paying tribute to this awesome show:

PB&J Otters become...Wolves?

While the artist, MochieFries claims they've never drawn otters before I think they've actually done quite an amazing job of reimagining P, B, and J as wolves...or maybe jackals. Either way, it's cool!

Made by MochiFries

Goofy PB&J

Look at their goofy little faces - especially Butter!

Made by Chopfe

Happy otter siblings

Aw, this is just a nice sibling drawing, all together around baby Butter.

Made by chibi-tsubasa

The royal Otter family

Look how cool the family look as royalty: Ernest is the King, Opal the queen, Peanut is a little Prince and Butter and Jelly are Princesses! I love Butter's little tiny crown.

Made by KingLeonLionheart

Baby Peanut, Butter & Jelly

Even though Butter is usually the only baby, this time all three are miniature otters playing with a balloon, aw! Too cute.

Made by littlecherry2810

PB&J pump some iron!

Even otters can't skip arm day!

Made by TheCheshireCatGrin

P & J babies

I've got no idea where wee Butter is, but baby Peanut and Jelly look pretty cute anyway!

Made by Jose-Ramiro


Which is your favorite PB&J Otter fan art?


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