ByChintan Reddy, writer at

I started watching 'Arrow' quite late. I had to do a lot of catching up, but its been a really good run for the show till now. I have to give the writers of this show a thumbs up for their incredible way of keeping the viewer in suspense. Every arrow fan will agree with what I am saying because if there is any shows that keeps you wanting more, then it is got to be 'Arrow'. This show has this tremendous control over its viewers. Once you start watching it, you just can't stop. Every episode of this show has been better than the previous one. I like the way how the creators of this show can keep the audience guessing and coming up with theories of their own. Every new episode brings in enough content to keep you guessing till the next week's episode is out. The teasers that they show just before the show ends, they are absolutely mind blowing. With every new episode that you watch, there is nothing else that you can think of other than whats going to happen next. The cast has done great justice to the script as they have played out every role, every emotions to the line. Overall I would like to say that if you are really into crime/mystery, then you should definitely be following 'Arrow'. Its that one show that never lets you down.


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