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Siddhartha Tripathi

DC's The Flash, for sure is winning hearts of millions around the globe. The casts are pretty much appealing as in the show. The makers are targeting large audience by broadcasting crossovers of other DC Characters, for example, The Arrow. Possibilities are to catch up with more crossovers with that of Constantine and Gotham.


Other than this, many an antagonists have been introduced in a while. Episode 9 ended leaving a bunch of questions. With the introduction of the Reverse-Flash, Gorilla Grodd and Firestorm, the show has taken a different turn. Since, the next episode is expected to be released on Jan. 20th, 2015, here's the list of Villains expected to arrive next.

Gorilla Grodd

Abra Kadabra (Citizen Abra)

Mirror Master

Mick Rory (Heat Wave)

Beauregard Baer (Ringmaster)

Cobalt Blue

Curtis Engstrom (Alchemist)

Creed Phillips (Eradicator)

Richard Swift (The Shade)

These are some of the expected Major Flash-Antagonists to come up in the new season. Happy Christmas till then.


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