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To all those Arrow fans out there, watching that last part of the mid season finale left me speechless and heart broken as well. Somehow the writers just managed to take cliffhangers to the next level. For the people who have still not seen the mid season finale, you better watch that episode before reading this.


That's right people. Oliver Queen gets his ass handed to him by none other than R'as al Ghul himself. R'as al Ghul beats him to death with his left hand behind his back.

And as an icing on the cake, he literally kicks Oliver off the cliff. Nobody wants their beloved TV character to die in a manner like that. That seems totally ruthless. But after all Oliver was pitted against R'as al Ghul. And ruthless killing is pretty much R'as al Ghul 's style and you wouldn't want him to do anything other than that.

I seriously hope Oliver's cliff hanging ability is as good as compared to the show
I seriously hope Oliver's cliff hanging ability is as good as compared to the show

This last part of the episode really got me thinking. The only thing that kept hitting me really hard all this time was why din't he kill Oliver? You don't need to be an expert to know that none of the wounds that he gave Oliver were actually life threatening. I know the blade through the chest part is pretty rough. But if you see carefully, you will notice that he puts the blade through the right side of his chest. That's a deadly blow, but not deadly enough to kill the guy. So why din't R'as al Ghul just stab that blade right through Oliver's heart? Why did he decide to give him a second chance?

What I am about to write below is just a theory of my own. I am open to any other theories and ideas that you guys might have. Please feel free to mention any other theories that you might have in the comments.

According to my theory, R'as al Ghul and pretty much everyone on that mountain knows that the Arrow hasn't killed Sara. So i think R'as al Ghul is trying to give him a second chance to bring justice to Sara's real killer. But there always has to be a catch, after all its 'Arrow' that we are talking about. Recently there have been a lot of speculations regarding the 14th episode named 'The Return'. Many of the fans have been making theories about the return of Oliver and Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke in that episode. But Marc Guggenheim has ruled out all these theories by quoting

"I probably should mention that the title of Arrow Ep. 3x14 -- "The Return" -- does NOT refer to Oliver. Or Slade Wilson. "

After some time we come across a picture uploaded by Stephen Amell with Colin Donnell saying that there is no way there would be a 60th episode without him.

Say whaaaaat?

The 60th episode of the show being the 14th one in the third season. Its pretty much evident that Merlyn junior is going to feature in that episode.

In the promo for the 10th episode, we see someone walking towards Oliver's body. According to my theory, i think that it is Tommy Merlyn. As we all know Tommy died at the end of the first season. But what if, he was revived by the League using the Lazarus pit.We all know that the Lazarus pit is going to play a huge role in this season with the introduction of R'as al Ghul. What if the R'as al Ghul trains Tommy, so that Tommy can get revenge from his father, Malcolm Merlyn. In the third season of 'Arrow', we have seen many new characters being brought to limelight.For example, Ray Palmer as 'A.T.O.M', Laurel as ' Black Canary',Roy Harper as 'Arsenal'. Even Thea now has the ability to fight and she pretty much takes the Arrow by surprise when he visits her. Then why not Tommy?? We din't even get a chance to know him a bit more in the first season. I think Tommy definitely needs to be back on 'Arrow'. He is that one character about whom we don't know much yet.

I think Tommy is going to be the one who saves Oliver and revives him either with the help of the Lazarus pit or the special herbs that Oliver carries with him in his pouch when he leaves from Sterling City. Not only this, he will also help Oliver with his training and he will be the one to take Oliver to Sterling City. According to me, Tommy will accompany Oliver on R'as al Ghul 's orders because R'as wants to punish Sara's murderer( read Malcolm Merlyn) and who better to kill him than his own son. Everybody back in Sterling City will be shocked to see him alive and then I suppose they will show the flashbacks of the relationship between Tommy and Laurel. This episode might also feature the bonding between Oliver and Tommy.

Many of you may think that if Tommy was revived by the League then Sara would have known about it. But if see season 2 again, you will notice that Sara has been in Sterling City through out the entire 2nd season and hence she doesn't know about whats going on within the League. Also R'as al Ghul made it pretty clear in the 4th episode of the third season that he doesn't trust her completely. Hence he might have wanted to keep it a secret from Sara anyways.

Its just a theory, but it would be really incredible if they could work out something like this on the show.Any ideas, theories or suggestions are welcome. I am also open to any kind of discussion regarding the flaws of the theory.As this is my first post, i would like it if you would leave comments below. It would definitely make me feel more comfortable about posting a few more articles. Thank you.


What do you think about this theory?


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