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Fallout 4 is still breaking hearts the world over as Bethesda refuses to announce a single sentence about a release date or any kind of news for the potential PC, PS4 and Xbox One title.

You can see the outpour of grief, and I really mean grief, on any forum on the internet where Fallout 4 (even in YouTube comments to videos that aren't about games) is mentioned. You have fans claiming that they wake up in the morning and it's the first thing they think about. Other fans claim that their searching on the internet for any kind of news has led to a decreased number of interactions with their friends. It's worrying, and I was wondering...if it came in the form of a multiplayer, would you still be interested and would you feel betrayed?

Fallout 4 as Multiplayer


We all have a tremendous degree of respect for Bethesda, and of course, it's easy to see why. They have a remarkable track record for their developments within the industry, and for many they represent the epitome of gaming development. Therefore, their decisions on the future of Fallout 4 should be respected right? Even if it arrives in a completely new form, though?

Bethesda have stated that Fallout was acquired by them because they wished to develop a new franchise with the title. They ARE going to make another Fallout game, we just have no idea how long it's going to take. But with a lot of studios and developers making the move towards multiplayer, could the Fallout 4 that we dream of remain a dream?

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Many people have come out and spoken against singleplayer straight narratives. Publishers can't make as much money off of them as they'd like, and the lifespan of the game can be pretty short as a result. This has lead the likes of Gabe Newell to say that Portal 2 was the last singleplayer game that Valve were going to make - Half-Life 3 has no straight -up singleplayer then.

This doesn't mean that singleplayer experiences are going to disappear, there is just going to be an increased focus on multiplayer within them. If Fallout 4 arrived and it was an MMO, would the wait have been in vain for you?

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Fallout New Vegas
Fallout New Vegas

I would certainly be up for some kind of multiplayer within the Fallout universe, but I'm not looking for Elder Scrolls Online from Fallout 4. Fallout IS a singleplayer experience. It's about diving into a world of chaos and crafting your own story within it. Of course, this can happen online, but what happens with the likes of MMOs in my opinion (as Elder Scrolls Online did), is that the game will have to sacrifice some narrative depth in order to focus on multiplayer.

I'm all for online games, really. But there are certain titles that suit it better, and after already crafting a sensational singleplayer experience over and over again with Fallout, moving away from that with Fallout 4 would seem like a bit of a betrayal for all those that waited. What are your thoughts? Would you play a Fallout 4 multiplayer game? Let us know in the comments!


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