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The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1 :

The movie starts from where it left in its last outing , Catching Fire. Katniss ( now in district 13 after district 12 was destroyed by the capitol ( Hey it's not a spoiler, they mentioned it in Catching Fire ) ,is haunted by the experience she had in the 75th Hunger Games where Peeta and the other tributes were taken hostage by the Capitol. The district 13 , lead by President Coin asks Katniss to be the face of the rebellion as The Mockingjay against the Capitol. Katniss accepts the offer on the condition of saving Peeta and the other tributes and giving them pardon if they succeed to free them. What follows next is how Katniss suffers emotional breakdowns as she sees the districts being taken down and then becomes the face of the rebellion and inspires the other districts to fight with her. The movie ends at the climax


which leaves you hungry for the part 2.

The climax sets the tone of the Final War that is about to come .

*For those who read the book, you know what I mean in that Peeta part*

Jennifer Lawrence(Katniss Everdeen) keeps getting better and better. Josh Hutcherson ( Peeta Mellark) steals the show. Liam Hemsworth ( Gale ) gets more screen time and ably supports Katniss is her fight against the Capitol. Donald Sutherland ( President Snow ) and Philip Hoffman ( Pluatarch Heavensbee ) along with Julliane Moore ( President Coin) portrays their roles perfectly.

And Haymitch and Effie provides some moments of humour in this movie which is set on a much darker tone than it's previous outings.

(Sorry for the poor quality image)
(Sorry for the poor quality image)

PS : Jennifer Lawrence can sing so well


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