ByEdgar Diaz, writer at

Recently, American made movies have bored me. I dont know if its because the plot is the same over and over again or that I have lost interest in them all together. IronMan 1? Sure lets see it! IronMan 2? Ught, Okay. 3? 4? Ught, I dont think so. I dont know whether we have lost the desire or interest to create something new and different or quite simply, we are boring. I have turned into foreign country films, such as Bollywood and any Asian made film. The plot is different from what I have seen, theres always a different movie to watch and the actors are really damn attractive.

For example, Dhoom 3. Yes Dhoom 3, not that " Doom " but Dhoom as the Indian Action Thriller film, which follows Aamir Khan and his twin? along with their dad, Jackie Shroff and their traveling circus. The performances or should I say " dances " made me have fun while watching the film. The special effects are quite cheesy and it makes you say " oh my god, really? LOL " It was a 3 hour long film it got boring in different parts but the action mad up for it. I am not going to spoil it for you but the title should get you searching in what the film is about.

I just checked my local theater and they put out a movie titled " Lingaa " I guess you know where im headed and thats to the movies. I must admit, I have fallen in love with foreign films thats what got me hooked in going to the theater and the Theory of Everything is ....Boring.


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