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Hey guys! Another week has passed and it can mean only one thing - 10 more posts you might have missed from the best of the best - Moviepilot's talented and passionate Creators!

Discover how DC can create just one TV Universe!

Moviepilot Creator Will Harris offers us a great concept that allows the televisual DC universe can include Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and their upcoming releases. For similar articles, check out DC on TV.

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Disney Pixar mockbusters by Tré Roland-Martin

Tré Roland-Martin explores the weird and wonderful world of knock-off Disney Pixar animations. From Ratatoing to Bug Bites: An Ant's Life, you won't believe the hilarious similarities shown in Tré's surprising discoveries!

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Shocking reveal in short film 'The Landing' by Josh Tanner

If you like your movies to have a shocking reveal, there's no better short film I can recommend this week than Josh Tanner's The Landing. It's no surprise that the production value of this short is so high when you realize that the set has reused designs for the Man of Steel's previous outing in Superman Returns. Check it out and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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A Heartwarming short 'Home Sweet Home' by Paccolat Stéphane

If you enjoy animation movies, here's a heartwarming tale that proves home is where is the heart is. A must see for Pixar fans.

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Isn't something missing from Pixar's Inside Out Trailer? by Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos Fdez

Speaking of Pixar, here's a post by Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos Fdez, who takes a closer look at the new Inside Out trailer. Eagle-eyed Jorge notices something important missing from the well-received trailer...

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What George Lucas' reaction to the Star Wars VII says about us by Maria Garcia

When George Lucas was asked what he thought of the new Star Wars trailer, everybody was surprised to hear that he hadn't even seen it! But this is no mishap. In this excellent post, Maria Garcia explores what George's reaction says about us - the moviegoing community.

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12 "Biblical" coincidences - Mehdi Ettehadulhagh

Mehdi Ettehadulhagh gives us some insight about some incredible coincidences that occurred during the production of Ridley Scott and Christian Bale's team up for Exodus: Gods and Kings. If you are interested in the movie, it is a must see - you will definitely learn some fun facts along the way!

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Saruman has released a heavy metal christmas album - No, really!

The Hobbit Fanpage share a festive cheer with Moviepilot. But this is no ordinary christmas song. Far from it, in fact, as screen legend Christopher Lee (better known as Saruman, Count Dooku, Dracula and Scaramanga) offers a heavy metal album named 'Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing'.

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The rise of female lead roles by Zach Griffin

Taking a closer look at the important social issue of gender equality is Zach Griffin, who discusses the importance of strong female leads in this excellent and culturally relevant post.

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The Green Lantern Diet by F. Flobo Boyce

New creator F. Flobo Boyce tells us his incredible story of how the Green Lantern inspired him to lose 150 pounds. The Green Lantern diet is not just about eating green things, but about finding the will power to achieve. Thank you for sharing this personal and powerful story!

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This is just a glimpse at some of the great content posted by our Moviepilot Creators. You can catch even more excellent creator's content on the Creators page or by heading to and 'liking' our page!

Thanks for reading guys! I really hope you've enjoyed these amazing posts just as much as we did!


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