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Who reading this article enjoyed the 2009 Dragonball: Evolution movie? If you did, then stop reading this and get out of my article because I'm going to destroy this movie with as much passion as Goku has in the picture above.

Who the--!? What the--!? Why the--!?
Who the--!? What the--!? Why the--!?

I kid, if you enjoyed that atrocious movie, then I'm glad someone did. But there's no denying the fact that that movie ruined the chances of us getting another live-action Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z film in the future or at least not for a very, very long time.

But, for the sake of dreaming, let's imagine how a Dragon Ball movie series could look like. Let's go through this and observe how many movies should be involved and what they should focus on.

Six! Six movies for the Dragon Ball movie franchise and this is what they would focus on:

Dragon Ball - The Emperor's Quest

I know it's from GT, but it was too awesome.
I know it's from GT, but it was too awesome.
  • Open the movie showing the origin of Grandpa Gohan discovering young Goku in the Saiyan space-pod.
  • Have the movie focus on Goku's childhood, keep it epic in proportion and scale but don't be afraid to have fun with the film.
  • Have the movie's main antagonist be Emperor Pilaf and his quest to obtain the dragon balls for his own evil purpose.
  • Don't allow the movie to become too heavy emotionally, keep it somewhat light, similar to how Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone did. We'll progress in a way that will allow for deeper, darker, and more emotional events in future installments.

Dragon Ball - Conquest and Power

  • Sequel should advance to Goku as teenager but don't make him the miserable, misunderstood teenager. Let him be his happy and plucky self that he always in the manga and anime.
  • Introduce more allies.
  • Have Piccolo be the main villain of the movie.
  • Allow for some darker moments now that Goku is older, have some hard lessons and greater threats be an eye-opener to just how dangerous a life like the one he leads really is.

Dragon Ball - The Legend of the Saiyans

  • Introduce the Saiyans and provide a little more back-story on them as a prologue, not just Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta, but the fate of planet Vegeta as well.
  • Have some foreshadowing of Freiza in this installment since Vegeta starts out as a servant to Freiza.
  • Really, the action for this movie should be stepping it up, even from the other two movies that would have already been released.
  • Show the redemption of Piccolo as he allies himself with Goku and Co. to fight the Saiyans.
  • Have Gohan and Piccolo really connect in their side-story.

Dragon Ball - Journey to Namek

  • The first and only Dragon Ball movie to go off-world to the planet Namek.
  • Feature the Ginyu Force and keep Freiza as the mastermind behind the whole movie till somewhere in the middle of the film.
  • Show signs of redemption for Vegeta as he allies himself with Goku and Co. to battle Freiza, but have him not be as won-over as Piccolo in the last movie, he needs ulterior motives for hunting the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Deal with death in this movie in a way that hasn't been before in the other installments.
  • The first movie to have Goku turn Super-Saiyan.

Dragon Ball - The Cell Games

  • Have the prologue be that of the future where Trunks watches Androids 17 and 18 destroy everything.
  • Foreshadow Gohan's power in this movie and show the bonding between him and his father as well as him and Piccolo.
  • Introduce the Androids in this movie.
  • Have Cell be equal parts horror monster and intelligent warrior.
  • Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan all go Super-Saiyan in this movie.
  • Have Gohan defeat Cell in the end.

Dragon Ball - The Wizard's Curse

  • All the characters are older so as to feature characters like Goten and Trunks (kid version) and show their relationship and have it be like an homage to the first movie when it was Goku and Krillin on the adventures.
  • Build this movie up for something monumentally huge at the end.
  • Death needs to be permanent by the end of this film.
  • Buu needs to as horrifying a presence as any body-absorbing monster could be. Play up the menace in his personality, body-language, and facial expressions.
  • Goku reaches Super-Saiyan 3 in this movie as well.
  • Conclude series as a closing to the previous five films, but allow an opening to tell other stories, like Brolli, Battle of the Gods, etc. it doesn't matter if those movies take place between the timelines of previous films, it'd be fun actually.

Several of these movies may even need to be split into two films considering how much story would need to be covered and each film would need to be Lord of the Rings length as far as running time.



Visually speaking, we all know that this movie can be done and done well. There's no reason we should get anything short of what we got in 2013's Man of Steel movie, if anything, it should be more action-packed and more destructive.

But it's all about finding the right director who will be reverent of the Dragon Ball mythos and at the same time add great story-telling visually.


The colorful cast of Dragon Ball.
The colorful cast of Dragon Ball.

As far as cast goes, I'm not going to fan-cast on this one. I say, they need to grab a bunch of unknowns or up and coming actors and actresses. That's my own personal opinion which I know is odd cause normally I have every character fan-cast already. What's really important is that everyone they find be trained in martial arts before the movie.

But if you guys have an options or ideas, feel free to share them, I'm open to other opinions on the matter.


We need to receive a Dragon Ball film that fans can be proud of and have a franchise that's so epic following each movie as the years go by that it leaves us sad to see it end the The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, and the Harry Potter franchises did when they all came to an end.

As usual, leave your comments and thoughts and respectful opinions in the comment section below.


Would you guys be up for another shot at Dragon Ball on live-action movies?


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