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We all know that there is a petition to bring Beth back, and we're all excited about, but let's be honest... she got shot through the head.

A lot of us are sad about Beth, and we want to bring her back, but it's VERY unlikely that she'll be back. Let's be honest: she got shot through the head with a pistol. We saw Daryl carrying her lifeless limp body out of the hospital in his arms.

But... I suppose they COULD bring her back in an easy way: as a Walker. They're not going to do that though, because that would just piss a-lot of people off. So if we face reality, even if 200,000 people sign the petition, we're most likely not going to bring Beth back.

But don't let this stop you from signing the petition! I want her back as much as everyone else! Maybe with enough pressure, the writers could find even some crazy way of bringing her back ( I mean, people have survived things like this ). Though this is highly unlikely. Unfortunately, we have to be honest here.


Do you think they could bring Beth back?


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